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Pure Pigments and Color Hair Mask: two lines that enhance color to the full. Lively reflects or delicate shades for hair. In the salon or at home. The nine shades of Pure Pigments are ready for use by hairdressers. Pure or mixed with each other, for endless combinations. The six shades of Color Hair Mask on the other hand are perfect for reviving color between one coloring and the next, leaving the hair hydrated and nourished. The Mongongo Oil used comes from Zambia. It’s organic and is cold-pressed without the use of additives or chemicals. It has emollient, regenerative and restructuring properties. Rich in Omega 6, Vitamin E and Eleostearic Acid. Omega 6 in great quantity, to avoid dryness and scaling. Vitamin E, an effective antioxidant defending against the free radicals generated in hair. Eleostearic Acid: it covers hairs with a protective film, protecting it from damage from UV rays.